• 30/60/90 Fitness

    New York, US

    Every Second Counts

    30/60/90 is High Intensity Interval Training at its finest. It was developed by fitness expert Kristi Molinaro, and was named the “Best Fat-Burning Class″ by New York Magazine setting the standard for modern group fitness. It is a scientifically combined series of cardio drills in a high-intensity interval training format designed to get you (and keep you) in the best shape of your life. Unlike basic cardio workouts, 30/60/90 requires you to move in spurts in conjunction with a cardio strength workout that will rev up your metabolism even after you’re done working out. Attracting women and men, newcomers and elite athletes, 30/60/90 has taken fitness to a whole new level. Kristi has developed a program based on timed intervals of steep peaks and valleys to dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and raise your body’s potential to burn fat.
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  • Angie Banicki

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    Tarot Card Reader and Explorer of the Soul

    Angie Banicki is Hollywood's go-to tarot card reader inspiring the entertainment world and opening the minds of the biggest of skeptics. Her client list includes celebrities, politicians, entertainment industry executives, and CEOs of major corporations, some of whom she has guided to close multi-million dollar deals, naming exact dates in the process. 

    Angie’s been featured on E!, Vanderpump Rules, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, and more. She is the tarot writer and go-to expert for Goop.

    Visit her website to find out more!

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  • BlackWomenCry

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    Sex Astrology, Tarot Reader, Human Sexuality Ph.D. Student.

    Six is an Astrologer, Intimacy doula, and Human Sexuality doctoral student that promotes sex-positivity and self explorations. Six offers workshops, consultations, and partnerships that encourage individuals to seek, obtain, and maintain meaningful relationships and realizations.
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  • Chef Chris Tucker

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    Betta With Butta, CEO; Baking the world a Betta place...

    A Southern baker at heart, Chris draws much of his culinary influence from the European style of baking and often refers to himself as a Southern baker with a French twist. Carefully crafted with thought and passion, Chris’ perfectly balanced buttercreams, slathered atop delicate sponge, crisp biscuits with creamy curd and countless flaky pastries change with the seasons. He uses the best quality ingredients, including pantry staples such as Callebaut chocolate, farmers market produce and only the freshest dairy available. 

    Chris spends much of his time creating and testing custom recipes for his clients. When Chris isn’t testing, tasting and tweaking his recipes, he can be found inspiring other bakers with his curated, online content available via his digital platforms and on-camera appearances. In fact, he can be seen in this last season of ABC’s “The Great American Baking Show" and has appeared on Inside Edition, California Live, ABC's "On The Red Carpet," and was recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for Pride Month. 

    As CEO of Betta With Butta, Chris believes he can "bake the world a betta place, one bite at a time." With charity at his core, Chris is constantly looking for ways to partner with local and national organizations to bring a smile and funds to people, communities and causes in need.

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  • Chelsea Wine Vault

    New York, NY, US

    Located in the heart of New York City, Chelsea Wine Vault has been a trusted name in the wine industry for over 20 years.

    Chelsea Wine Vault prides itself on being one of New York’s friendliest and best-stocked fine wine stores. Our success is based on the founders’ philosophy of offering customers a pleasant and professional wine buying experience in a beautiful and unique environment. Our wine buyers taste everything that is purchased and the majority of our stock consists of small producer wines.
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  • Don't You Dairy

    Culver City, CA, US

    Keepin’ Those Taste Buds Intact; Cook Dairy-Free With Me

    I’m an L.A Bread ( see what I did there?) meat eating, non-dairy queen. I love all things delicious. Don’t You Dairy was created for others like me who love to eat meat but don’t want it cooked with butter. 

    If you’re toying with the idea of being dairy-free but don’t know where to begin, I've got you. And, my Don’t You Dairy cookbook is a perfect start. Enjoy 50 dairy-free and delicious recipes that won’t leave you with buyers' remorse.

    Learn more and check out my book here.

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  • Josh Buckwald, Orso Pasta Chef and Founder

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    LA Times "Breakout Star of Takeout" for fresh handmade pasta

    The LA Times calls Josh, "The Breakout Start of Takeout." Orso delivers fresh handmade pasta and homemade sauces across Los Angeles.

    Dropping off our fresh pasta and gourmet sauces at your door, we make it so you are five minutes away from a meal that's been made for you with an extraordinary amount of love, care, and craft.

    But, it's much more than pasta. Josh provides some genuine comfort; when you can't escape out into the world, we bring one of the best parts of it to you by teaching you how to craft your own home-made pasta. 

    Stay well, and keep eating pasta.

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  • Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica

    Phoenix, AZ, US

    Spreading positivity through creativity!

    Kathy Cano-Murillo is an author, artist & founder of the award-winning brand, CraftyChica. She spreads the gospel of glitter – literally through her DIY projects and figuratively through her speeches, workshops, books, and essays. A former syndicated columnist for The Arizona Republic, she is now a full-time creativepreneur which has led to multiple Crafty Chica mass retail product lines, and collabs with Coca-Cola, HSN, HP, WordPress, Disney & many others. 

    Kathy  has authored seven craft books, two novels, and recently, Forever Frida: A Celebration of the Life, Art, Loves, Words, and Style of Frida Kahlo. She has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed+ more. Kathy is Mexican-American, a native Phoenician, mom of two, a wifey, and owner of three Chihuahuas! is a lifestyle site that is anchored in DIY and crafts, but also embraces books, shopping, fashion, business, movies, food, travel, beauty, tech, family life and more. Kathy’s life’s mission to inspire others to bring out their inner sparkle – and to see the sparkle in others. She believes in paying it forward and setting a positive example. She uses to share all the little and big things that make life sweet!
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  • Kiki Matoba

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    Reiki Master & Energy Healer

    Energy transcends space and time. Experience energy medicine such as Reiki, sound, and guided meditation in the form of distance healing. 

    Connect with Reiki Master Kiki Matoba and feel the dense energies of stress and anxiety melt away being replaced with a sense of peace and relaxation. Kiki has been practicing energy healing for over a decade and has been featured in Goop's directory of energy healers. She believes raising the vibration of the body, mind, and spirit will heal the individual which, in turn, heals the world. 

    Kiki is happy to answer any questions directly through Togather’s chat feature. 

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  • Lifetime Vintage

    New York, NY, US

    Curated Wine Events

    Lifetime Vintage is the one stop shop for curated wine online. We provide our clients a large variety of personalized wine experiences: including speed wine delivery to 45 states, sommelier-led tastings, cellar management, a virtual wine book club, blind tasting bundles, wine gift bundles, winemaker events and much more. The core of Lifetime Vintage is to make wine buying easy and to focus on making wine more approachable. 
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  • Liza Ray

    Jersey City, NJ, US

    Hair and Make-Up Stylist

    Liza founded the wedding makeup agency, "Beauty Icon NYC," and is one of the industry's most sought after stylists with chic brides clamoring to work with her.  Before launching her agency, Liza was an acclaimed teacher working out of the prestigious, The Makeup Academy of NYC, by Nina MUA. Liza has expanded beyond bridal, providing her hair and makeup expertise for everything from "the big day" to the everyday.

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  • Modern Pressed Flower

    New York City, NY, US

    NYC Collage Artist inspired by pressed flowers

    @modernpressedflower - IG // Tricia Paoluccio grew up on an almond farm in Modesto, California where she learned the art of flower pressing as a child. After moving to New York City to pursue her acting career, Tricia made unique one of a kind cards and botanical collages on handmade paper, selling the originals in boutiques and on the street. Tricia continued honing her skills and making art even after she became a professional actor, working full time on Broadway, on television, and in film. Tricia has been commissioned by luminaries in the fashion, publishing and music industries to create botanical designs, and has been doing original art commissions for many interior designers around the country. Enabled by advances in technology, Tricia has been focusing on turning her original artworks into fine art prints and using her graphic design skills to create fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper, along with other products featuring real pressed flowers, to be shared soon on her website: Tricia’s favorite flowers are weeds and wildflowers, found and collected in Modesto, California and around their cabin in the foothills of California. She thanks her family and neighbors for letting her raid their gardens and fields; and, her brother and dad for building all of her flower presses. Tricia resides in midtown Manhattan with her family. To learn more about her career as an actor visit

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  • Polly Cooks and Eats

    New York, NY, US

    Celebrity Pastry Chef

    Paulette Goto graduated at the top of her Pastry Arts Class from The French Culinary Institute in 1998 and immediately landed a gig working in the pastry kitchen of the famed, NYC restaurant Le Cirque. From there, she worked with pastry legends, Jacques Torres & Colette Peters, and her wedding cakes have been featured editorially in "Brides" and "New York Magazine:  Weddings." 

    Paulette's expertise makes her a highly sought-after TV personality. She was featured on Netflix's, "Somebody Feed Phil;" appeared as a judge on  Food Network's, "Beat Bobby Flay," "Chopped Sweets," "Bakers vs Fakers," & "Girl Scout Cookie Challenge," and joined The Cooking Channel's, "Unique Sweets" for 6 seasons! 

    Paulette is famous for her signature cakes that are a juxtaposition between intricate, frosting flowers and inscriptions that have a little BITE

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  • Question Party?!

    New York City, NY, US

    Trivia, sure. Unquestionably a party.

    Question Party?! is a comedy-meets-quiz experience for people who don’t take trivia so gosh darn seriously. The hosts, who share a joie de vivre, perform dramatic guess-these-lyric readings, act-out scenes from famous films, lead couch-dances to your favorite throwback jams, and oh yeah, ask hand-crafted, trivial questions. Just don’t be surprised if/when they begin airing the kind of laundry that (quite frankly) belongs in a therapist’s office. Their fodder feeds your famine so be smart and Question Party?!. *they don't speak french, like, at all.
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  • The Dead Rabbit

    New York, NY, US

    ft. Jillian Vose and Jack McGarry

    The Dead Rabbit opened in 2013, the brainchild of Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry. Sean is admired/feared (take your pick) throughout the bar world for his vision, drive and insane attention to detail. So is Jack. Jack is also the youngest-ever holder of the International Bartender of the Year title.

    Jillian Vose, who joined the team in 2014, has regularly been named among the best bartenders in AmericaHer encyclopedic drinks knowledge and phenomenal technical skills are known and revered throughout the world.

    The bar has been named the Worlds Best (twice), and has won dozens of other national and international awards (many also more than once). It operates an exceptionally rigorous staff training and education program covering every aspect of drinks preparation and bar technique, through to spirits and cocktail history, service and hospitality. 

    The Dead Rabbit comprises the Taproom – conceived as the worlds best modern Irish pub – and the Parlor, or cocktail cathedral. One of the teams many obsessions (quality, service, hospitality, Guinness) is a passion for Irish whiskey, and is dedicated to spreading knowledge and enthusiasm for uisce beatha – ‘the water of life.

    And on top of all that, the place is home to the largest collection of Irish whiskeys in the United States.


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  • The Hungry Hippopotamus

    Lehigh Valley, PA, US

    Let's make art that not only looks beautiful, it tastes delicious!

    A full-time cookie decorator and instructor for over 10 years, Stephanie Kappel has worked with Disney, DC Comics, and Williams-Sonoma, among many others to create and teach cookie art. She was a season 1 finalist on Food Network's Holiday Gingerbread Showdown and has been featured in several publications including American Cake Decorating, Edible Artists Network, and Southern Living magazines. Stephanie is a regular judge for several national 2 and 3-D cookie art competitions, a Craftsy instructor for 3 online classes, contributing educator for SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School, and proud baker for Icing Smiles.
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  • The Original Hair Whisperer

    Los Angeles, CA, US

    It's not just hair!

    The Original Hair Whisperer is delighted to partner with Togather to offer virtual haircare services via HairCamp™ Home Edition! HairCamp™ is a collection of intensive hair experiences, lessons, tutorials and consultations designed to empower you to create the looks you love with ease. Hair is uniquely tied to self esteem. Not great, but true. Yet many of us don’t understand our hair, robbing us of the chance to fall in love with our locks. The Hair Whisperer philosophy is to change your relationship with your hair, making hair care and styling fun and easy. I’m here to share with you what I know about hair, inside and out, quite literally. Over the course of my 30+ year career, I’ve been blessed to work as a hairstylist, chemical engineer, image consultant and brand strategist. Hair is my passion and my experience taught me the chemistry of hair and gave me an in-depth appreciation for its complex simplicity. My hope is to empower a new generation of women and girls to love their hair…and love themselves more in the process. So let’s elevate your hair journey, get your questions answered and build new skills! Welcome to the community. I look forward to meeting you at a HairCamp™ event! Hair we go!

    To learn more visit

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  • The Quarmega Game Show

    New York, US

    Jonathan Gottlieb, aka Quarlex Trebeck, is an event producer AND a pop culture enthusiast who once bought Jerry Seinfeld a slice of cheesecake. Having time on his hands, due to our new normal, Jon fused both worlds creating and hosting QuarMega as a way to connect friends and family online. Inspired by the games shows we all know and love but especially Jeopardy, QuaMega pays homage with clever categories, bonus rounds and a high stakes final question, all having a pop cultural undertone and emphasis on the absurd. With QuarMega being born out of these challenging times, Jon donates a portion of each event's proceeds to various  charity partners helping those most in need.  

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  • The Strology

    Los Angeles, US

    Cosmic Guidance For All

    Kirah Tabourn is an astrologer, educator, and creator passionate about intersectionality and accessibility within the astrology community. She produced an astrology & culture magazine called NFLUX that centers and celebrates POC & queer folks in spirituality, art and activism. Currently she focuses most of her time on readings with clients, education, and her offering Deep Seekers, a virtual monthly meetup for astrology enthusiasts. She is excited about her new role as Director of Fresh Voices in Astrology and the ability to help spotlight up and coming astrologers in the field. In addition, she regularly organizes meetups for astrologers locally and around the world. Her first book, Zodiac Signs: Pisces was released in February 2020. You can learn more about Kirah on her website and her social media @thestrology.
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  • Vinny DePonto

    Beacon, NY, US

    Mind Reader

    Vinny DePonto is a mentalist, illusionist, and theatre maker with an undying interest in the mysterious. The New York Times has said, “Mr. DePonto’s craftsmanship consistently impresses.” And the New York Daily News calls DePonto's one-man performance "Breathtaking.” Buzzfeed calls him “Engaging, suspenseful, and baffling…” His recent stage show Charlatan was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical production. In addition to his live performances, DePonto’s consulting work was featured in the most recent production of Angels in America on Broadway, in Lincoln Center’s Ghostlight, and in hit television shows on The Discovery Channel, NBC, and Netflix. He is also a member of the Bessie-Award winning immersive theatre group Third Rail Projects. He enjoys the aroma of antique shops, colorful socks, and your deep, dark secrets. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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