Modern Pressed Flower

New York City, NY, US

NYC Collage Artist inspired by pressed flowers


@modernpressedflower - IG // Tricia Paoluccio grew up on an almond farm in Modesto, California where she learned the art of flower pressing as a child. After moving to New York City to pursue her acting career, Tricia made unique one of a kind cards and botanical collages on handmade paper, selling the originals in boutiques and on the street. Tricia continued honing her skills and making art even after she became a professional actor, working full time on Broadway, on television, and in film. Tricia has been commissioned by luminaries in the fashion, publishing and music industries to create botanical designs, and has been doing original art commissions for many interior designers around the country. Enabled by advances in technology, Tricia has been focusing on turning her original artworks into fine art prints and using her graphic design skills to create fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper, along with other products featuring real pressed flowers, to be shared soon on her website: Tricia‚Äôs favorite flowers are weeds and wildflowers, found and collected in Modesto, California and around their cabin in the foothills of California. She thanks her family and neighbors for letting her raid their gardens and fields; and, her brother and dad for building all of her flower presses. Tricia resides in midtown Manhattan with her family. To learn more about her career as an actor visit